Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the booth?

The Blitzy Booth has a footprint of five feet by seven feet and is eight feet tall. Because we need room for our SmileMaker and your guests you should account for at least a ten foot by ten foot space. You should also set aside space for a props table.

How do I run the booth?

You don't need to operate the booth! We provide a member of our SmileMaker Team to operate the booth and make sure your guests have fun with it!

Do I get to choose my background?

We create custom backgrounds for your photo strips and match the backdrop in the booth to your event colours!

How long does it take to get the photos?

The photo strips print out in about 15-20 seconds! 

Do I get a copy of the photos?

Yes! Our SmileMakers will always save a copy of every photo strip for you and give one to your guests! You can also purchase the digital files of all the images as an extra if you want them!

Is it enclosed or just a backdrop?

Our booth is a fully enclosed booth with backdrops inside and a camera that captures four images of each group that goes in!

How many people will fit in the booth?

It depends how much you like each other! It's a five by five foot space so four or five adults fit comfortably, but eight to ten can squeeze in without difficulty. 

Is it accessible?

Our booth stands directly on the floor and is large enough to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. 

What do you mean by, "Video Booth?"

Our booth records short video messages from your guests so you can use the booth as a Video Guest Book that we deliver to you on a USB after the wedding!